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nitrobit group policy nitrobit group policy
Building a bridge across with nitrobit group policy
Our new product nitrobit group policy enables Windows computers to be managed by group policies in an environment without windows servers.
The new software helps realize a useful combination of Linux, Samba-Servers and Windows-workstations.
Enabling group policies to work within samba domains
The following thought stands behind the idea of nitrobit group policy: Enterprises and departments who wish to run their windows PCs with Linux and Samba Servers were until today missing the right system to centrally administer their PCs.
Our new software is now building the bridge: Microsoft Group Policy, which worked solely in the Microsoft Active Directory, can now be used within samba domains.
With the help of group policies administrators can define their clients environment exactly the way it's needed for their work - and they can work with tools they know already from the Windows-world.
The system consists of a client component which adapts the group policies to the single pc and an editor-environment to manage the complete group-policy-system.
Group policies "out of the box"
nitrobit group policy just needs a central network share to store policy data. With version 2.1 an external LDAP-Server is no more needed. Thus, nitrobit group policy can be used instantly within every Samba environment. Furthermore, the new version works out of the box with MAC OS X-Servers and within Novell eDirectory environments.
Quick overview with Forecast and Logging-Center
The Forecast and Logging-Center adapts Microsofts Resultant Set of Policies (RSoP). It is easy to check which group policy settings appied to a user or computer. Forecasts simplify development and testing of new policies: They provide a projection of group policies onto users or computers.
nitrobit group policy
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