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UpdateServer.png nitrobit update server
The nitrobit update server offers easy-to-use management of updates that are released through Microsoft Update. It offers a professional replacement for the Windows Update Server (WSUS) - and runs on Linux.
Full Control over Windows Updates
With nitrobit update server you can control which software and driver updates will be installed on your clients. The rule engine helps you to automate assignment tasks, for example to immediatly deploy security updates. Through extensive reporting capabilities you are able to determine which clients are candidates for an update before you start to deploy it.
Runs on Linux
The nitrobit update server fits into your server environment, if it is already focused on Linux- and Samba-Servers. Because nitrobit update server runs on your favorite server platform!
Easy Server Installation
This simple installation procedure is sure to inspire you: Install the Debian- or RPM-Packet, the rest will be done through the webbased administration tool.
No Client Setup
No client agent is needed, because nitrobit update server can be used with the Windows Update Agent shipped with the operating system.
Save Network Bandwidth
The nitrobit update server can optionally cache software packages. Clients can download the software from your server, instead of downloading them over the internet. This will help you to save network bandwidth. For remote locations, we offer satellite servers to replicate software as well as all deployment packages from a central server.
Updates for 3rd-Party Products
The nitrobit update channel helps you manage 3rd-party products in the same way as you do with Microsoft updates. This additional service will publish software updates for open-source products like Mozilla Firefox.
nitrobit update server
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Client Setup HowTo
Setup Windows Clients to work with nitrobit update server.
WSUS Repliaction HowTo
Setup replication between Windows Update Servers nitrobit update server.
Server Setup HowTo
Setup nitrobit update server.
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